Simms 2014 G4 Guide Boa Boot
The Simms 2014 G4 Guide Boa boot.

Simms has announced its Spring 2014 lineup at this year's International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) and International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) shows in Las Vegas, NV. The new line features sportswear, packs, footwear and waders for anglers looking for high-tech on and off-water fishing clothing and packs. Simms has introduced 4 new collections in its sportswear department including the new G4 Collection, the Simms Guide Series Collection, the Off-Water Series and an expanded line of Solarflex offerings.

Simms 2014 G4 Guide Boa Boot
The Simms 2014 G4 BOA boot with RiverTread.

According to Simms President K.C. Walsh. in Simms' press release regarding the new products, “the Spring 2014 lineup is the first line that displays the talents of our revamped Research, Development, Sourcing and Design Team here at Simms. In our most important categories, the team has put together an impressive Spring 2014 line."

The new collections, in total, feature 27 new styles like the "fish-techie" Taimen TriComp LS Shirt ($149.95) from the G4 Collection, and the LS Shirt ($79.95) and Ultralight LS Shirt ($99.95) from the Guide Series Collection. Other upcoming 2014 arrivals include nine new Off-Water styles with UPF30+ protection, and the Currents Hoody ($64.95) to go along with favorites like the Solarflex LS Shirt which start at $35.

Simms 2014 Headwaters Sling Packs
A view of the 2014 Simms Headwaters sling packs from their IFTD 2013 booth.

Simms new Headwaters Packs aim to "reset the expectation for on-water storage and provide the ultimate in comfort, balance and features." The new packs include Simms' new Two Day Packs for day trips, and the Headwaters Guide Hip Pack ($119.95), Hip Pack ($99.95) and Chest Pack ($89.95). Simm promises that all its packs "provide innovative storage architecture to thoughtfully stow any angler's quiver of gear." The Headwaters™ Large Sling Pack ($119.95) and Sling Pack ($89.95) "allow quick access to more than enough gear, but stow away for unimpeded casting action." Simms is unabashedly proud of the new Headwaters packs. According to Rich Hohne, Simms' marketing manager, the new packs "vault Simms to the top of the pack world."

Simms 2014 Headwaters Hip Pack
The Simms 2014 Headwaters Hip Pack.

Simms 2014 footwear lineup includes new wading designs such as the RiverTread and new VaporTread platforms. The G4 BOA Boot ($239.95, no felt sole for 2014) and G3 Guide Boot feature a new Vibram Idrogrip rubber outsole, and Simms' trademarked RiverTread technology. The VaporTread equipped Vapor Boot ($169.95) is the lightest boot ever released by Simms. It also features Simms' Vibram Megagrip rubber outsole, which reportedly gives the boot its lightweight feel.

If Simms is known for anything, it's for its top-of-the-line waders, and the company's new 2014 lineup doesn't fail to include significant upgrades to Simms' wader lineup. Simms has redesigned its popular G3 Guide Stockingfoots ($499.95) and G3 Guide Pant ($499.95), adding new GORE-TEX 5-layer Pro Shell Technology. The new technology makes both products 25% more breathable than their predecessors, according to Simms.

In addition to the G3 upgrades, Simms also plans to roll-out a new lighter Headwaters Convertible Stockingfoots ($399.95) wader. This new bomber wader features the same GORE-TEX Pro Shell Technology as the G3 series, and is easily converted from chest high to waist high in a pinch.


Wow, those boots ain't pretty.

Do you have pics of the VaporTread boots? Any of the redesigned G3 waders?