Co-producer Matt Stoecker positions a camera the day before removal began on the Condit Dam in Washington.

Felt Soul Media, the production company behind some of fly fishing's most well made and entertaining documentaries, hopes to have their latest film, DamNation, completed by early fall. Led by Telluride, Colorado duo Ben Knight and Travis Rummel, the team behind the film spent over a year and a half and 9,000 miles traveling from California to Maine documenting the issues that surround the over 80,000 dams currently in place in the United States.

The documentary is being created in partnership with producers Patagonia and Stoecker Ecological, who first proposed the movie to Felt Soul Media in late 2010. Despite initially being reluctant to take on the project, Knight noted that after exploring the issue, it was "transformative for [them] as filmmakers to understand how much our environment has been impacted by dams."


Montana Fly Company produces some of the most beautiful flies in the industry, but doesn't limit their product catalog to flies and fly tying products. MFC is also known for all manner of other fly fishing shwag such as fly reels, strike indicators, nippers and scissors, awesome boat boxes, traditional fly boxes and a great deal more.

One of MFC's most popular line of products is their artist series of products. Spanning everything from fly reels to fly boxes to iPad cases, MFC has enlisted artists such as Bern Sundell, Bob White and Jeff Currier to produce fishy artwork that graces those products.

Patagonia Sun Stretch Shirt

The company line: "When you're reaching way back to launch the 12 weight or polling across a hard, slick flat you need a shirt that moves with you. You also need cool, lightweight fabric and serious sun protection. This ultra-light (7.2 oz.) long sleeved shirt is made from quick-drying 2.25 oz. nylon polyester blend with mechanical stretch and 30 UPF sun protection. The vented upper torso catches the lightest breeze and vertical-zip chest pockets hold anything you need to access quickly."

What Works

Fit among manufacturers seems to be as unique as every body type. I'm a slim 5'11" and around 160 pounds, so I'm always annoyed when I order a shirt in a mens size M, put it on and find I could fit two of me in it (looking at you Columbia).

Check out our new page that showcases random entries from our 2013 Photo Contest.

While over two months still remain to enter your best fishing photos of the season in our 2013 Fly Fishing Photo Contest, it seemed like a good time for a contest update and reminder. We've received hundreds of amazing images that readers have captured during their days on the water. Still, we're greedy for more. One of the driving forces behind holding these contests is to shine a light on the plethora of photographic talent that seems to coalesce in the sport of fly fishing. Thus, the more of your stunning images we can gather and showcase in one place, the better.

Random User Contest Photos
Check out our new page that showcases random entries from our 2013 Photo Contest.

Though we've been occasionally sharing contest images on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, there's been no way for readers to conveniently browse through the contest submissions. Yesterday we informally announced a new interface which, while it won't let you leaf through all the entries one-by-one, will give you what we hope is an entertaining way to get a sneak peak at many of the entries (truth be told, you'd eventually see them all if you kept at it). Go ahead, have a look.

RIO Perception IFTD 2013

Back in June, fly line maker RIO promised to redefine fly fishing with its new Perception floating trout line, and the fly fishing industry has taken notice. The Perception line was named the 'Best New Fly Line' at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Vienna, Austria, and it was also voted the 'Best New Freshwater Fly Line' at the International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD 2013) show in Las Vegas.

"To have folks within the fly fishing industry recognize our new line as being the best offering for trout anglers means the world to everyone here at RIO Products," notes Simon Gawesworth, RIO's marketing manager. "These awards give our sales team momentum and helps reinforce that RIO is taking tremendous steps to improve fly lines so anglers can connect with more fish", he added.