Want a pink handle, foot and drag knob on your roosterfish reel? Now no one can stop you.

If you're a sucker for pretty reels, Abel Reels may have recently put the finishing touches on your worst enemy. Prospective reel buyers can now visit Abel Reels and fully build and customize any of Abel's reels with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Abel Reels 'Build it Yourself' Tool
Want a pink handle, foot and drag knob on your roosterfish reel? Now no one can stop you.

Using the interface, users first select a reel model and then select either a solid black, solid color or artistic hand-painted design for the main reel housing. From there the options are plentiful, customize the spool, drag knob, reel handle, reel foot and more. The whole process is incredibly addictive and each new reel you customize begs you to press the "purchase" button.

The Westwater roll-top boat bag.

Fishpond has added four news bags to its popular Westwater Collection. The new additions include the Westwater Roll Top Boat Bag, the Westwater Lumbar Pack, the Westwater Zippered Duffel, and the Westwater Messenger Bag.

Westwater Roll Top Boat Bag
The Westwater roll-top duffel.

The updated Boat Bag comes with the same benefits as the original Westwater Boat Bag, but instead it features a roll top design for keeping your gear extra dry. It is also equipped with water resistant zippers, three clear interior zippered pouches, and four heavy duty boat lash tie down points. The SRP for the Roll Top Boat Bag is $189.95.

The Westwater Lumbar Pack has been crafted for anglers who prefer to travel a little lighter. However, it still offers plenty of space for fly boxes and other necessary accessories. It also features a mesh lumbar support for extra conmfort. The SRP for the Lumbar Pack is $99.95.

Abel's 25th anniversary commemorative finish.

Abel has been creating premium fly fishing reels for 25 years, and in celebration of its Silver Anniversary, the company announced a new commemorative finish. Abel has commissioned Montana artist Derek DeYoung to create a quarter-century anniversary design for its already existing fly fishing reels. Abel has started the process of "painstakingly reproducing" the art of a black and gray charcoal style trout flank painting by DeYoung for the design on their memorial 25th Anniversary finish. Each handpainted reel takes its artist over eight hours to recreate.

Abel's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Finish
Abel's 25th anniversary commemorative finish.

DeYoung began his career by sketching the fish he caught with his two brothers while growing up in western Michigan. He studied Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he earned his BFA before he was recruited to create artist-series reels for Abel.

The Redington Men's Prowler Elite and Women's Siren wading boots.

Redington, who recently announced improved and restyled wader designs, is also introducing five new boot designs that aim to set to rest the perception that fly fishing boots are ugly. The new designs are all clear standouts from industry convention, even the more modern and stylized designs from companies like Simms and Patagonia.

Redington Prowler Elite and Women's Siren Wading Boots
The Redington Men's Super Elite and Women's Siren wading boots.

In fact, one may find themselves wondering if Redington has taken inspiration from snowboard boot manufacturers like Burton and DC, as many of the new designs feature rounded bright, eye-catching colors and youthful design. Redington will also be offering five different colors of laces, allowing anglers to customize the look of their boots.

Scott's new Radian fly rod.

Scott's new flagship one-handed fly rod, the Radian, is making its formal debut at this year's IFTD trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even before it makes it into the hands of the masses, Scott's new rod series is winning over a number of anglers. Scott describes the Radian as a fly rod where "fast meets feel", and it seems like those who have cast it are in agreement.

Scott Radian Fly Rod
Scott's new Radian fly rod.

According to Scott, "until now, you’ve had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. But thanks to Scott, those days are over." The answer to this dilemma, says Scott, is their new ReAct technology. ReAct technology "dramatically increased recovery speed ... by minimizing energy - sapping vibrations - ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod."

Given that few, if any rods, have truly been able to provide fast action power while allowing for short presentations of size 24 flies -- let alone providing finesse and feel during such presentations -- the fact that Scott is claiming the Radian can do so is no small matter. Still, initial feedback on the Radian has been overwhelmingly positive.