Moving Water Poster
Moving Water Poster

Artist Dave Hall has released the first poster in his Moving Water series to support the efforts of The Henry's Fork Foundation.

The first poster is titled "Dawn on the Henry's Fork", and it depicts a fog-laden Henry's Fork with the caption "If you're lucky, there are places you go back to."

In an interview with MidCurrent, Hall said he chose the image because most people will never have the chance to witness Henry's Fork at dawn.

"Anyone who's walked the Henry's Fork at dawn and any number of other rivers around the country knows that scene. It's gone when the sun's up and the air warms. It's ethereal and an experience I find extraordinarily beautiful."

All the proceeds of the Moving Water 2014 poster will be donated to The Henry's Fork Foundation, who has been working to protect the Henry's Fork since 1984.

"This, put simply, is art supporting rivers," says Henry's Fork Foundation Executive Director Brandon Hoffner. "Dave Hall's painting, Dawn on the Henry's Fork, is a vision anglers and other lovers of healthy rivers relate to."

The Moving Water 2014 poster is available at for $29.95. All proceeds from poster sales go directly to support the foundation.

Hall plans to release a new poster each year, and is also part of the 1% For The Planet organization.


Beautiful! And great cause!