The protogolden.

Sierra Nevada's Volcano Creek is home of the very first Golden Trout, also known as the 'Protogolden'. Today less than two dozen protogoldens remain.

Keith Brauneis and Caltrout are at it again. You may have seen their last film 'Enough Is Enough', the story that not only exposed the issues but revealed the blue ribbon beauty of the McCloud River. This time they're out to raise awareness of California's state fish, the Golden Trout.

In a 2 week backpacking excursion through the Eastern Sierra, home of the Golden Trout, they will clamber amongst 13,000' crags to examine current conditions and determine future threats to this species. The story of the California Golden Trout will be the over arching theme that will unfold within a real life adventure story about six men's quest to find Liquid Gold in the great American west.

The award winning Fishpond Black Canyon backpack.

AFFTA has announced the selections for the best of the new products showcased at this year's IFTD show. As you'll see below, the winners represent a diverse group of manufacturers.

Several highlights of the selections include best saltwater rod going to the Redington Vapen, which also won best new fly rod at EFFTEX, the Scott Radian -- which has been receiving high praise from those who have spent time with it -- taking best freshwater rod and overall best in show, and Simms redesigned G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders being awarded best new waders.

Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack
The award winning Fishpond Black Canyon backpack.

Redington, Fishpond and Simms each saw multiple products receive honors. Simms' aforementioned G3 Guide waders, their Acklins jacket and its new G4 BOA wading boots received honors, while Fishpond received honors for its Black Canyon backpack, Vaquero vest and Westwater Zippered Duffel. Redington took honors for their Vapen Rod and for their new Youth wading boots, Ruckus.

Here is the full list of the 'best of' selections:

The Simms 2014 G4 Guide Boa boot.

Simms has announced its Spring 2014 lineup at this year's International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) and International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) shows in Las Vegas, NV. The new line features sportswear, packs, footwear and waders for anglers looking for high-tech on and off-water fishing clothing and packs. Simms has introduced 4 new collections in its sportswear department including the new G4 Collection, the Simms Guide Series Collection, the Off-Water Series and an expanded line of Solarflex offerings.

Simms 2014 G4 Guide Boa Boot
The Simms 2014 G4 BOA boot with RiverTread.

According to Simms President K.C. Walsh. in Simms' press release regarding the new products, “the Spring 2014 lineup is the first line that displays the talents of our revamped Research, Development, Sourcing and Design Team here at Simms. In our most important categories, the team has put together an impressive Spring 2014 line."

The new Redington Siren waders for women.

In addition to its recently announced revamp of their men's waders lineup and all new men's and women's wading boots, Redington has also announced a new model of women's waders for 2014. The new waders, dubbed Siren, are completely redesigned from a style perspective and will be available in two fit styles because -- as Redington puts it -- they "understand that women are built differently than men, and for that matter, not all women’s body types are alike."

Redington Siren Women's Waders
The new Redington Siren waders for women.

The two fits are called "Kate" and "Marilyn". While all fisher-men might not be able to guess at the inspiration for those style names, most fisher-women certainly will. The Kate Fit starts with a size range from 2-4 and 6-8 regular with an addition of 6-8 Tall. The Marilyn Fit range is 6-8 with an additional array of sizes through 14-16. Neoprene gussets on the upper wader expand to comfortably fit any chest size, and the 3mm high-density neoprene booties are ergonomically designed for right and left as well as for a woman’s smaller volume foot.

Want a pink handle, foot and drag knob on your roosterfish reel? Now no one can stop you.

If you're a sucker for pretty reels, Abel Reels may have recently put the finishing touches on your worst enemy. Prospective reel buyers can now visit Abel Reels and fully build and customize any of Abel's reels with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Abel Reels 'Build it Yourself' Tool
Want a pink handle, foot and drag knob on your roosterfish reel? Now no one can stop you.

Using the interface, users first select a reel model and then select either a solid black, solid color or artistic hand-painted design for the main reel housing. From there the options are plentiful, customize the spool, drag knob, reel handle, reel foot and more. The whole process is incredibly addictive and each new reel you customize begs you to press the "purchase" button.