Elwha River as it exits Grand Canyon

After decades in the making, transformation is finally occurring as part of the Elwha River landscape and habitat restoration project. Approved under president George W. Bush, the Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act of 1992 provided funding for a dam mitigation project that is now underway as reservoirs, Lake Aldwell and Lake Mills, behind both dams scheduled for removal are being drawn down in preparation for dam removal beginning September 17th.

Elwha River
The Elwha River as it exits Grand Canyon.

A fantastic photo from Wild on the Fly's first season.

It's not every day that the producers of a television show that doesn't air on PBS solicit direct financial support from its viewers, but that is exactly what the Outdoor Channel's 'Wild on the Fly' is doing. 'Wild on the Fly', which premiered last year, is a fly-fishing show that focuses on using a documentary format to provide a higher level of value to the viewer that its typical Saturday morning fishing show counterparts. While the Outdoor Channel has renewed the series for 13 new episodes, thus obviously putting an operating budget behind the series, the show's producers don't feel it's enough. That's where they hope the viewers will come in.

Oregon Brook Trout
A fantastic photo from the show's first season.

Orvis Hydros

Orvis offering almost a 20% discount on their award winning Hydros rod series. The Hydros series is what Orvis calls the "second lightest fly rod in the world". While we're not 100% sure that's true, the Hydros is light. Made from the same exact blanks as Orvis' top of the line Helios rods, only slightly weighed down by heavier components (reel seat, guides, etc), the Helios reportedly offers amazing performance at a price that is significantly lower than the Helios rods. The Hydros was picked by Field & Stream magazine as one of 2010's "Best of the Best".

After their high end NRX series rods took 'Best in Show' honors at last year's ICAST 2010, the folks at GLoomis had a tough act to follow up going into this year's convention. Not to worry, as GLoomis has taken two BIS honors home this year. Both the Best Fly Rod and Best Fishing Rod categories were snatched up by new GLoomis offerings.

Chris Goldmark poles his custom flats boat in Culebra's crystal clear waters.

If you're planning a bonefish trip for this fall or winter, chances are you're not thinking about Puerto Rico. You're almost definitely not thinking of Culebra, a small island off the Puerto Rico's eastern coast. And why would you be? As Culebra fly fishing guide Chris Goldmark says, "Culebra should never be considered a major Bonefish destination by any stretch of the imagination." However, if you're looking to plan an out-of-the-ordinary bonefishing trip that offers up shots at perhaps the Caribbean's biggest bonefish, off the shores of an authentic island oozing with culture, at prices that are dwarfish in comparison to bonefish trips to the Florida Keys or islands of the Bahamas -- you might want to take a look at Culebra after all.

Chris Goldmark
Chris Goldmark poles his custom flats boat in Culebra's crystal clear waters.