montana country road
On the road to the Missouri River in Montana (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Rocky Mountain fly fishing road trip: Gearing up

Everything you'll need and more for a summer fishing road trip

Fly fishing. Road trip. Montana.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right? There’s something inherently intriguing about the idea of packing your gear, jumping in your rig, and heading out on the road to fish some of the best water in the Lower 48. I’m penciling in Montana as your destination, as the Big Sky state has the best wild trout fishing around ... but feel free to substitute Idaho, Wyoming, or Colorado if the spirit moves you.

mayan riviera fly fishing
Photo: Chad Shmukler

On your own on the Maya Riviera

DIY fly fishing south of Cancun's resorts and crowds

Away from the constant “spring break” hustle of Cancun, south into the Yucatan hinterlands, there are fish. Lots of them.

And Rhett Schober knows where to find them. Seriously. He knows the Caribbean coastline like a local. That’s because, for all intents and purposes, he is one.

An ex-patriated Coloradan from Vail, Shrober has taken to the southeast corner of Mexico like … well, like a fish to water. He's traded in his little creek rods for stout saltwater gear and his chest waders for flats boots. Just for grins, he jokes about fly fishing the the flats in a thong.

Ascension Bay, Mexico - Fly Fishing
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Bluegill of the bay

On the flats, it's all about expectations

The slate-gray skies presiding over the chop of a gusty Ascension Bay told us all we’d need to know as the panga bounced and banged its way around Punta Allen and into the backcountry. We were bundled up in our jackets to fight off the morning chill that, unfortunately, hung on long into the February day in the Yucatan tropics.

El Salamontes Lodge in Chilean Patagonia (photo: Earl Harper).
Taken on a small creek near El Salamontes Lodge in Chilean Patagonia (photo: Earl Harper).

Patagonia Photography and Fly Fishing Workshops: Mar 19-29

Up your photography game while visiting and fishing northern Patagonia

Ever come back from a weeklong fishing trip excited to show everybody all of the wonderful photos you took, only to find that none of them look quite the way you expected them to? Don't worry, you're not alone. The ability to capture the moment on the water with your camera isn't about how fancy (and expensive) your camera is, it is about having the right skill set. Photographers make pictures, not cameras.


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