Big Sky Country Drift Boat
Big Sky Country is Closer Than You Thnk

Big Sky Country is Closer Than You Think

We have some great trout fishing here in the East; there is no doubt about that. However, once you spend some time trout fishing in Montana, it changes everything. However, I am consistently surprised by the number of fly fishermen that we talk to in our travels that say something like, “man, I’d like to fish Montana some year." Well, that year can be now. You're not getting any younger and anything can happen in life.

Big Sky Country Drift Boat
If the budget allows, work a float into your Montana trip.

Like all trips, a fishing trip out west takes time and costs money. However, it is time and money well spent. Unfortunately, many people are wrongfully under the impression that the only way they can fish out west to go the guide + lodge route, complete with $3,000 price tag. This is not true. Others may be concerned about the skills needed to catch trout out west. If you catch trout in Pennsylvania and other Eastern states then you have more than enough skills to get it done out west, without doubt.

The biggest hurdle (and cost) to a trip to Big Sky Country is usually simply getting yourself there.


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