Airflo Streamer Switch
Tom Larimer with a prototype of an Airflo line.

Airflo releases new Streamer Switch fly line, two-handed trout fishing gets better

It is possible that there is no longer running experiment in the world of fly fishing than that of switch rods. At some point, trout and other smaller-game anglers realized that many of the benefits experienced by fishermen chasing steelhead and salmon fishermen with spey rods would come in handy on their trout streams as well. And so, switch rods were born. But, ever since their introduction, most switch rods have been trying to be many things at once -- a spey caster, a nymphing rig, an overhead caster -- instead of just being a two-handed rod for smaller fish on smaller water.

autumn morning on northern wisconsin's Chippewa river
Make yourself at home. An autumn morning on northern Wisconsin's Chippewa River (photo: Dave Karczynski).

Always never homeless

On a recent Northern Wisconsin smallmouth float a chilling thought occurred to me: I'm homeless.

I don't mean in the literal sense, but rather that I have no body of water I can called homewater. I've worked through all reasonable definitions of the term. All have come up short.

Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling Pack
Photo: Steve Zakur

Review: Orvis Safe Passage Guide sling pack

When I fish a small stream I'm content to go minimal; a fly box in my pocket, a lanyard full of tools, and a trusty small stream rod. But on bigger water I tend to go big. A fly box for every condition, clothing for changeable weather, snacks, lunch and a water bottle. I sometimes carry two rods and a spare spool as well. I need storage, lots of storage.

Rainbow Trout
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Tanner's extra special #1 best ever nymphing tip

She couldn’t do it.

I don’t remember her name, or where she was from, or why she wanted to fish the Madison with a guide. All I can tell you for sure is that she couldn’t catch a trout on a nymph. Not on a bet. Not to save her life. To paraphrase one of my favorite authors:

Photo: Chad Shmukler

Tax day schoolies

I'm a trout angler. I don't fish for striped bass. That is, unless I get a text saying that the striped bass are in and that Bob was catching them last night, one per cast.

Last year I fished for striped bass twice. Once in the spring when they clearly weren't there and later in the summer when they were elsewhere as well. I had heard tell of times when the schoolie stripers were on the move and they could be had with abandon but that was last year or last week or at the other spot that I wasn't at.

Until Sunday evening.